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I’m a menopausal woman. I write about what it's like to get through the hormonal transition we’ve come to know as menopause. My intent is to help us all age together in the best and healthiest way possible. Let’s not suffer in silence. Let’s normalize the conversation. 


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“My bloat is gone!”

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It's October 18th and I am reflecting on the journey that has led me to create the MENO Method—a holistic approach to menopause wellness.

World Menopause Day 2023 is here and serves as a poignant reminder of women's challenges and struggles during this phase of life.

I want to share not only the significance of World Menopause Day but also the story behind the MENO Method. 

And to give you some of the "why" it has become so important to me, my contemporaries, and the women in my 30-Day Program.

This blog post celebrates and raises awareness for World Menopause Day 2023. Highlighting the MENO Method as a holistic approach to menopause wellness.

Celebrating World Menopause Day 2023

World Menopause Day was established in 1984 by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Menopause Society (IMS). 

Its main mission is to raise awareness about menopause, a natural life stage all women experience.

This hormonal transition marks the end of a woman's reproductive years and is a time of significant physical and emotional change.

The importance of World Menopause Day is to raise awareness and support any and all options available for improving a woman's health and well being beyond her fertile decades.

Even though menopause is a universal and natural part of a woman's life, it is often met with silence and misconceptions.

Here's a few not so uncommon beliefs around the menopause transition:

  • "Once you're in menopause, it's all downhill from there!"
  • "You are old and no longer desirable."
  • "You will never enjoy sex again."
  • "You are destined for wrinkles, saggy skin and brittle hair."
  • "Get ready for the abdominal fat, it's inevitable."
  • "Forget sleep...you will never sleep again!"

This silence can lead to feelings of isolation and unpreparedness for the physical and emotional rollercoaster that menopause can be.

This is why World Menopause Day is a beacon of hope.

It encourages open dialogue, shared experiences, and a better understanding of this transformative journey.

The MENO Method - A Holistic Approach to Menopause Wellness

When I created The MENO Method 30 Day Program, I wanted to explore a  comprehensive approach to navigating menopause. 

It is rooted in four pillars that tie together my 25 years experience of being an educator and practitioner of fitness, holistic wellness and nutrition. 

As someone going through this profound transformational journey as a perimenopausal woman, I was in need of guidance.

Unfortunately, our conventional medical establishment is not well versed in menopause. 

In fact, here are some statistics on "what doctors don't know about menopause":

what doctors dont know about menopause check list

The 4 Pillars of MENO is represented by the acronym Mindfulness, Exercise, Nutrition, and Openness to change.

Mindfulness - Stress Reduction Techniques

Mindfulness is the first pillar in the MENO Method.

Stress during menopause can take on multiple forms, affecting women both internally and externally.

Internally, perceived stress can manifest as looping thoughts and anxiety, which are often amplified by hormonal fluctuations.

These internal stressors can create a vicious cycle, exacerbating menopausal symptoms

In fact, research shows that stress (emotional and physical) can exacerbate hot flashes during menopause. 

Mindfulness techniques, such as Menotations™  (menopause meditations) and deep breathing can help us break free from the cycle of hormone driven anxiety and feelings of uneasiness. 

Reducing External Toxins 

Understanding the impact of external stressors is equally vital.

Xenoestrogens, which can disrupt hormonal balance in the menopausal woman are found in things such as:

  • fragrances
  • drugs
  • toxic cleaning products
  • makeup
  • hair products
  • water supply
  • food additives / preservatives 

These synthetic compounds mimic estrogen in the body, leading to further hormonal imbalances during menopause.

Therefore, reducing both internal and external toxic stressors will lower the burdens we put on our overall system.

  • My Mindful Journey: Guided visualization Mentations™️ is a daily ritual for me. Those few minutes of stillness paired with breathwork and guided imagery, allows me to regain control over my emotions and thoughts. It is like a reset button for my mind—a sanctuary of calm in the midst of many hormonal storms.

Exercise - Strength, Balance, and Mobility

The second pillar of the MENO Method is exercise, a vital component in managing the physical challenges of menopause.

Strength training takes center stage to minimize bone loss and muscle wasting, two common concerns during this phase. 

Additionally, balance, coordination, and mobility exercises help reduce strain on joints and alleviate overall stiffness—a frequent companion to menopause.

Gone are the days of chronic cardio and back to back spin classes! 

Most importantly to understand: overexercising can raise cortisol levels (a stress hormone).

High cortisol contributes to lowered immune function, sleep disturbances and increased anxiety.

  • My Personal Experience on Embracing Exercise: Incorporating strength training into my daily routine was transformative. It is not only preserving my bone density but also improving my overall muscle tone.  Daily exercise to me is a non-negotiable. Exercise keeps my soft tissue pliable, my skin supple and slows down the aging process - when it comes to movement, I'm all in! 

Nutrition - Blood Glucose Regulation and Gut Health

The third pillar, nutrition, is a critical aspect of the MENO Method.

Focusing on blood glucose regulation and nurturing a diverse gut microbiome are key priorities.

Menopause brings changes in metabolism.

Unfortunately these metabolic changes make it harder to  maintaining stable blood sugar levels.

The impact of estrogen on glucose regulation decreases during menopause making it harder to have metabolic stability.

A diet rich in protein and fiber and lower in carbohydrates helps achieve the blood glucose stability goal.

Furthermore, nurturing a diverse gut microbiome contributes to overall health during menopause.

A healthy gut is essential for absorbing nutrients efficiently and regulating hormones.

Also, a sign of a happy gut is a healthy mouth (oral microbiome) and and vagina (vaginal microbiome).

Overall good nutrition helps to reduce inflammatory fat mass, particularly around the midsection—the most common meno belly appearance.

  • Personal Experience: My Dietary Transformation Following the principles of the "protein leverage effect" and the "crowding out" theory, I modified my diet at 43 years old and created a lifelong behavioral change around food that has kept 25 pounds off for over 8 years.

Openness to Change - Embracing Transformation

The final pillar, Openness to Change, embodies the essence of the MENO Method.

Menopause does not just cause body composition changes.

The emotional and psychological toll can be blindsiding. 

One minute you feel good, the next minute you can't fit into your pants, you are ripping off your layers all while having a panic attack and weeping uncontrollably.

This phase challenges women to redefine their self-image and embrace their changing bodies.

It also often makes women feel very ungrounded and uneasy.

Utilizing neuroplasticity—a phenomenon where the brain forms new neural pathways—we can improve the way our brain and bodies communicate.

By actively engaging in practices that promote neuroplasticity, such as learning new skills or hobbies, we create opportunities for personal growth and self-acceptance.

Self-love, kindness and compassion are grossly needed during this transitional phase.

  • Personal Experience: Learning A New Language I've noticed that with my wildly fluctuating hormones, my biggest "symptom" of menopause is showing up as having difficulties with word-finding skills. So, I took to learning a new language and spend 10 minutes per day using an app to improve my language skills. I'm presently on a 700 day streak! 

The Significance of World Menopause Day

As I reflect on my personal journey and the creation of the MENO Method, I can't help but emphasize the significance of World Menopause Day in the context of today's aging female.

While the WHO and IMS initiated this day to raise awareness, it's equally improtant to highlight the ongoing work of organizations like The North American Menopause Society (NAMS).

NAMS has become a pillar of support and education for women going through menopause.

It provides a platform for sharing research, experiences, and insights into menopause and women's health.

Most importantly, NAMS publishes yearly proposals and papers that contribute to improved research and interpretations of scientific data for the present day aging woman.

It's an organization that I am proud to be a part of, and its commitment to enhancing the quality of women's lives during this phase is commendable.

Embracing World Menopause Day and the MENO Method

In conclusion, as World Menopause Day 2023 approaches, I want to extend an invitation to all women to embrace this significant life phase.

Let's celebrate the progress we've made in understanding and supporting menopause.

Let's use this day as an opportunity to engage in open conversations, share our stories, and empower each other.

The MENO Method, born out of my journey and the experiences of my contemporaries, stands as a holistic approach to menopause wellness.

It's a reflection of the resilience and strength that women can possess during this transformative time.

Together, through dialogue, support, and holistic practices, we can ensure that every woman's menopausal journey is one of strength, health, and empowerment.

As we mark World Menopause Day, let's remember that menopause is not an end but a new beginning—a journey worth celebrating, embracing, and supporting.


World Menopause Day 2023: Embracing the MENO Method

Picture of womans heart, ovaries, lungs for world menopause day 2023


October 18, 2023


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